The Art and Science of Shouting Into the Void

It’s the second day of the second week.

I’m starting to understand why I struggled to make progress before now: This is hard.

There isn’t any clear cut “right way” or “wrong way” to do things.

My biggest roadblock right now is marketing.

I believe I can create good content that helps people. I believe I can even create stuff good enough that people would pay for it.

But the problem is that nobody knows I exist.

And thus, the title of this post: The Art and Science of Shouting Into the Void.

My task over the coming weeks and months is to figure out how to move from shouting into the void, into engaging with people, producing content that they actually want, etc.

In the past week YouTube says my new videos have had 29 views. Roughly half of them are probably me or Kyndall.

This feels abysmal, but on the bright side, that’s roughly 15 people I don’t know interacting with the things I’ve created. 15 people is a lot of people. If I can establish good marketing channels, and if I can produce content that resonates with people, I’m confident I can reach a lot more than just 15 people.

Let’s go do it!