Start of a Journey

It has begun!

After years of dreaming and planning and waxing poetic about the day, I’ve finally left my day job to attempt to create my own business.

I said before that my plan was to first create the Learn TypeScript By Example video course, and that is still the plan. I had hoped to get further on it on nights and weekends while I was still at my previous employer, but maintaining the level of clarity and focus necessary to do so seems to have been beyond me. I barely did anything. Now I’ve got a lot more time to focus.

Currently I’m taking inspiration from Go Rails and Wes Bos, and I’m hoping that after I’ve built some good habits around video production, I’ll be able to create a site and community like Go Rails for JavaScript.

I’ve got some software product ideas I’ve been kicking around, but nothing has captured my heart quite as well as teaching people via video. I’m excited about the prospect, and I’m optimistic about my ability to build an income based on it.

Time will tell what happens. I hope I succeed!