The Lost Days

I’m leaving this here as a reminder to myself.

A reminder that back in April of 2019, I became so aware of my flaws, so uncertain of my path, that my progress slowed to a crawl.

On the positive side, after facing my flaws (especially in marketing and product development), I spent some time digging into the knowledge that was available to me out in the world. I learned much. Hopefully application of that knowledge will be profitable.

However, much time was wasted. Many days and hours.

All my fault.

What it shows me about myself, is that when my vision for the future falters, when I lose faith in the project at hand, when my “goals” become wishes rather than things I truly commit myself to doing, my mind shuts down and all progress stops.

Eventually I got through to myself. I separated myself from my distractions, and in that new empty space, I did much reflection.

Reflection away from the distractions of the world is supremely valuable. It may feel like doing nothing, but it is a rich kind of nothing.

The ultimate realization: in order to succeed, I must become a better person.

My success is predicated on my character and my habits first and foremost.

Not on any dreams or plans or knowledge or advice or opportunities.

To that end, I am establishing the following habits:

I’ve worked with the above habits for about two days now, and I can already tell this has been extremely valuable. I am unstuck. I am making progress. Praise God!

May this post stand as a reminder of where I’ve been, and where I hope to go.

If I ever find myself in a similar situation, I hope this post will serve to reorient me and set me back on the right path.

If I succeed, I hope this post will remind me of where I came from.

In order to succeed, I must become a better person.