What They Don't Tell You

Before I took the plunge into trying to start my own business, I did a lot of research.

Hours upon hours of reading books and articles, watching videos, and so much more, trying to learn lessons from those that have gone before me.

And now that I’m here, finally trying to figure out how to turn my dreams into reality, I’m finally noticing something I’d never seen clearly before: What they don’t tell you.

They don’t tell you what it feels like to not know if what you’re doing will work out in any way.

They don’t tell you about the hours and days filled with self-doubt where you question whether anything you do will ever work.

They don’t tell you about everything they did that didn’t work out.

People are not lying or covering things up. You hear here and there “this will be difficult”, “there are many unknowns”, “this experiment failed”, and other such phrases.

People will mention the deeper difficulties in passing, but rarely will they dwell on them.

Because success is sexier than failure.

Because struggle lacks appeal.

Because confidence draws people in.

Because days of nothing is not interesting or inspiring.

Which is a real shame.

There are things to be learned from failure too. At the very least, that you are not alone.

What I’m learning lately is that “business” is not as straightforward as some would have you believe.

There is not a book you can read. There is not a strategy you can follow. There is no quick fix or hot tip that will help you.

There is only the actions you take, and the mental fortitude you possess to ford the quagmire you find yourself in.

All that said, these are my thoughts today:

As I write this, I laugh at myself a little. I have not succeeded. I do not have any revenue let alone profits. I have no credibility. Why should I listen to myself? Why should anyone listen to me?

And yet, when it comes down to it, I’m the only one who can get myself out of the quagmire.

Throw all the business books and success stories at me all you want, they won’t take me to dry land.

Small steps.

Genuine service.

And hopefully I’ll get there.

And if I don’t, at least it’ll have been a fun ride.

Lord, may Your will be done.